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As you may already guessed, my name is Marius Șucan and I am a digital artist. I like to do a great variety of things related to pixels: graphics design, 3D graphics, digital painting and web site interfaces, including coding HTML and CSS.

Everything published on this web site is done by me in spare time or for clients.

If you'd like to ask me about something, please contact me.

More details about me you can find in the curriculum vitae page.

I had a twin brother, Mihai Șucan. He was a web programmer and worked remotely as a contractor for about 4 years at Mozilla on Firefox's Developer Tools. On 23rd of April 2015, Mihai passed away due to metastatic cancer caused by RDEB.

Enough. Navigate the web site! :)

External post: charts on Christianity


This post is from Daniel Oala, a friend of mine. I'm posting this here to help him bring more exposure to his work. It's something quite different in comparision to what I usually do, but I hope you'll like it.

Book of Revelation chart:

The purpose of this project was to make a clear chart about the events in the book of Revelations which has fascinated Christians for centuries and to raise points against the pre-tribulation theory created by John Nelson Darby. This chart is supporting "historic pre-millennialism", the classic Christian theory of the end-times.

Book of Revelation chart

Speaking with tongues chart:

After studying different religions (christian and non-christian) the chart was created to sum up the months of study in an easy-to-read chart that challenges the glossolalia doctrine and offers some biblical answers to the "speaking with tongues" subject matter.

Speaking with tongues chart

Timeline of biblical events:

A simple chart of the main historical events in Christianity meant to help the readers form a perspective on the unfolding of the biblical events. The texts in the image are written in Romanian.

Chart of biblical events

Note. These charts contain stock photos.

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