Church Bells Tower

Church Bells Tower - screenshot

Church Bells Tower is an application that can toll quarters, on the hour, display astronomic details about the sun and moon, show random Bible verses, remind the user of Christian feasts and... reproduce semantron drumming sounds. Dedicated to bell lovers and Christians.

Download CBT latest version (.ZIP file, for Windows x64/x32, portable)

Download from Microsoft Store (for Windows 10/11)

CBT runs on Windows 7 and Windows 10/11. If you are using Windows 10 or newer, you can avoid the malware warnings by downloading it from the Microsoft Store.

Source code available on Github. AHK forums project development page.

To keep the development going, please donate using PayPal.

Video presentation (on YouTube)


  • strike quarter-hours
  • strike on the hour once... or the number of hours
  • toll distinctively every six hours [early morning, at noon, in the evening and at midnight]
  • options to automatically limit chimes if music is playing in the background or if videos play in full-screen
  • easy to configure intervals to chime or to keep silent
  • option to display time when it chimes/strikes/toll ;-)
  • customizable analog clock display widget
  • tick/tock background sound
  • astronomy basics: sun and moon positions on the sky, sun rises and sets, moon phases, moon rises and sets, equinoxes and solstices, tables and graphs for sunlight and moonlight lengths through-out the year, and much more
  • display a random Bible verse in English, French or Spanish, at a specified interval (e.g., every three hours)
  • option to display / observe Christian feast days - for Orthodox and Catholic worshippers; automatically calculates the dates for Easter and related celebrations
  • options to set an alarm or a timer
  • stopwatch - dedicated panel to help you track activities
  • secular list of celebrations and option to add personal events to the list
  • option to regularly play semantron drumming sounds on days of feast in Christianity
  • option to start at boot [if compiled]

I coded the application as an AHK script for AutoHotkey_L v1.1.33. To execute/compile the source code one needs AutoHotkey_L v1.1.33+.