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As you may already guessed, my name is Marius Șucan and I am a digital artist. I like to do a great variety of things related to pixels: graphics design, 3D graphics, digital painting and web site interfaces, including coding HTML and CSS.

Everything published on this web site is done by me in spare time or for clients.

If you'd like to ask me about something, please contact me.

More details about me you can find in the curriculum vitae page.

I had a twin brother, Mihai Șucan. He was a web programmer and worked remotely as a contractor for about 4 years at Mozilla on Firefox's Developer Tools. On 23rd of April 2015, Mihai passed away due to metastatic cancer caused by RDEB.

Enough. Navigate the web site! :)

November 2020

Hello, people !

I am still alive, if anyone is wondering, and kicking too. :-).

All our web sites have now a new hosting provider, DigitalOcean. Thank you very much Dennis Schubert for the awesome help you provided me with this.

Since September 2017 I have been busy learning to code in AHK, an easy to learn scripting/coding language. I added a new page on this web site to list all the applications I have developed until now, see Applications page.

Since I last posted on my blog, I made only three new images:

The naivity scene

Hatching beauty

Mindless reel

See ya next time. I hope to come back here before 2025 ;-).

Recent projects

  1. The cosmic eyestrain
  2. The naivity scene
  3. Hatching beauty
  4. Mindless reel
  5. The Scream of Love
  6. Love disability: working
  7. Love disability: learning
  8. Love prison
  9. Discrimination begins in the family: the burden
  10. Inversions and contradictions
  11. Incognito
  12. My Elpis
  13. Disabled for Halloween
  14. Worshipping The Goddess
  15. Complexity and love
  16. A possible ending