As you may already guessed, my name is Marius Șucan and I am a digital artist. I like to do a great variety of things related to pixels: graphics design, 3D graphics, digital painting and web site interfaces, including coding HTML and CSS. Since 2017, I began to code in AHK and gradually, in C++ as well. I developed several applications already.

Everything published on this web site is done by me in spare time or for clients.

If you'd like to ask me about something, please contact me.

More details about me you can find in the curriculum vitae page.

I had a twin brother, Mihai Șucan. He was a web programmer and worked remotely as a contractor for about 4 years at Mozilla on Firefox's Developer Tools. On 23rd of April 2015, Mihai passed away due to a metastatic cancer caused by RDEB.

Enough now, just navigate the web site! :-)

Blender courses

Hällo, h00manz!

Since I began development of software apps, I no longer have created much 3D graphics or images. However, I still have a tacit interest in the field.

Recently, I came across a set of Skillshare courses to learn Blender by Gesa Pickbrenner. She offers at the moment several classes, for beginner and advanced Blender users. She mainly focuses on using Blender to create 3D printable designs like jewelry and sculpture, but she also offers general introductions into Blender functionality. The courses are very well made and I thought to share here with you guys these quality Blender training courses. If you are interested to learn how to use Blender or improve your skills with it, I am sure her courses wont disappoint you.

I have met Gesa, digitally, and she is a wonderful person and very sociable, skilled and knowledgeable. She also offers 1-on-1 Blender training sessions, where you can learn at your own pace, through custom tailored training, adapted specifically to your needs.

You can find Gesa on Instagram and YouTube as well.

May God fill your heart, dear reader.