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Many years ago I did some projects which are now more or less obsolete. I made several Winamp skins and together with my twin brother, two Flash games.

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Flash games

Long time ago, we both liked Adobe Flash, and we were enthusiastic about doing big projects. The result of this are two Flash games. All the graphics is made by me and all the coding is done by Mihai. The music loops are done by a friend we had, who called himself BOOsTER. We did not use any tools to simplify or automate making these Flash games.

It should be noted that Macromedia/Adobe Flash by 2015 was a discontinued and an obsolete technology. The games are available here as stand-alone executable files for Microsoft Windows.

ROBO Worms version 2 (October, 2002)

ROBO Worms v2 screen shots This game is based on the classic snake games. It has two game modes with only 10 levels: classic and enhanced. In enhanced mode, each level has a different maze and you can warp through the walls. You can also configure the grid size.

Watch game-play video (on YouTube)

Download ROBO Worms v2 (Microsoft Windows executable, 2.2 MB)

ROBO Invaders (May, 2002)

This game is inspired by the old Space Invaders console game.

This was one of our first big projects we worked on. It took several months to make it, from July 2001 to May 2002. The game has many graphics, voice overs, sound effects and options, but only 10 levels. Yet, we made the game-play full of surprises.

The idea of the game is that you are on a mission to conquer different planets. For each new planet, you have new enemies to combat. Between levels, you can see an animation that shows you go to various planets. Each level features a new background image with the planet you are conquering.

We made this game on a Pentium 2 processor. Back then, the game-play was utterly sluggish, slow. Nowadays, the game works fine. Yet, the difficulty of the game is quite high. On "Easy" it's already hard.

ROBO Invaders - main menu ROBO Invaders - level 2 ROBO Invaders - between levels ROBO Invaders - level 4 ROBO Invaders - console

There's a game console where you can enable the cheats menu. Type in the following:

/dcc roboi /pls enable master cheats menu, stuff and goodies

Watch game-play video (on YouTube)

Download ROBO Invaders (Microsoft Windows executable, 8 MB)

Winamp skins

These skins are outdated and quite ugly. They were created for Winamp 3 and they did not work well in Winamp 5. Click on the thumbnails to download any of them.

Clean AMP

Clean AMP screen shot November 25, 2002

This skin was featured on on 17th of January 2003).

Download Clean AMP.


WINyAMP v2 screen shot December 13, 2002

This skin is based on a skin named "CO" included with Yamp 3.3, an old music player from the late 90s, developed by André Karwath. WINyAMP3 v2 was more advanced and more cute than my previous skin. It was featured on

Download WINyAMP 3 v2.

Screen shot from Yamp 3.3 set to the skin named CO:

Yamp 3.3 with skin CO -  screen shot


uDesignIT screen shot September 3, 2003

An experimental skin in which each element is detachable, but it is dead-ugly and it broke almost all the usability rules.

Download uDesignIT.

RODE 3 Lite

RODE3 Lite screen shot September 17, 2003

This skins was much more and advanced, with many features. It had really many colour themes. We intended to make a complete version. We had many ideas of features, but plans were abandoned to focus on other things.

Download RODE 3 Lite