Work: IFMA elevators

Project description

The IFMA project is one of the biggest project I worked on. "Societatea Română de Ascensoare IFMA S.A." (a Romanian company which creates elevators) needed a presentation catalog for their elevators. Beginning from June 2003 to September 2003, I worked for 6 high quality, photo-realistic, elevators ready for printing. I also made 36 variations at a lower quality for a CD presentation application which allows the IFMA clients to customize their own elevator by picking the materials and the models they want for ceilings, floors, walls, control panels and other details. For the catalog I made multiple renders with close-ups of the displays, ceilings, floors, control panels and other parts. In July 2004, I was contacted to make over 20 new high-quality renders of newer elevator models.


Probably you are asking "why make a catalog with elevators generated on a computer?" Photographers have a hard time making good quality photos in such high-reflexive elevators. The resulted photos can hardly be used in a catalog.

For this presentation catalog and the application for customizing elevators I collaborated with S.C. Mobius Solutions S.R.L and Labyrinth Studios.

Attention: I do not create real elevators :).

First project (April 2003 - March 2004)

Synthetic coat Classic furnir Green painted iron sheet Ideal glass blue silk Ideal glass golden silk Ideal granit

Second project (July 2004 - July 2005)

Lux Club Maple Lux Club Cherry Lux Club Walnut Lux Crystal Blue Lux Crystal Yellow Lux Crystal Green Lux Palace Bianco Lux Palace Giallo Lux Palace Imperial Lux Palace Labrador Hell Navero Aurora Navero Domo Navero Laguna Navero Ocean Navero Polar Navero Quasar Navero Selena Navero Terra Navero Tropic

Other images

IFMA elevators: ceiling types IFMA elevators: control panel models IFMA elevators: door models IFMA elevators: floor models IFMA elevators: materials IFMA elevator variations