Filter the spam

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Another t-shirt design with texts written in Romanian. The title says: Filter the spam. In the lower section: "Be objective and critical".

My intention with this t-shirt is to promote a broad view of what spam is. It is not just the e-mails in the "Spam" folder in your e-mail application. Music, movies, books, TV, web sites can be a type of spam. Spam is anything that is superfluous and irrelevant to your existence, something that leads to "informational intoxication" or worse, something that is designed to influence you negatively. People nowadays are constantly bombarded with so-called "news", books, music and movies of poor quality that are designed to be just advertisements, in order to sell ideas, concepts or products. It takes an objective and critical mind-set to discern what is of more value and what is not, to limit exposure to them and their influence on you.

The graphical representation suggests how we are manipulated. In the middle, we have the brain and around it, an array of possible sources of spam. We are influenced gradually, drop by drop, each time we are exposed to something.

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