Frozen serenity

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This image is a part of a series of images having the same elements: the church, the path and the forest. This series depicts different mood states determined mainly by time and weather, from an artistic perspective. Each image conveys a relatively high tension determined largely by its composition and lighting. The feeling of emptiness is illustrated through the wide panorama which is mainly populated by leafless trees. The church is a representation of the human spiritual values from which we are being more and more isolated, because of the current cultural and social trends. The river cuts through the landscape, making a clear division between the left side and the right side. The bridge shows hope by connecting the two sides of the landscape. The dead trees suggests the spiritual "poverty" of people.

This version has a cold and pessimisic colour palette suggesting a strong winter, a detached humanity - desentimentalized, living only within secular values. This image creates a stark contrast with the other two.

The entire church 3D model. Clay render. The church is a 3D reproduction done by me after a real church which was built around 1821 by the Austro-Hungarian empire. The architectural style is late baroque, with simple ornaments. The real church is located across the street, where I live.

I used Cinema 4D for modeling and Vray for rendering. The renders were done in multiple layers, with different light setups and textures, then composited in Photoshop and post-processed.

Download the 3D church (ZIP file, 15 mb)

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