On the edge of Entropolis

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As the title suggests, I tried to do an abstract image about entropy. The image calls into question the fine line between symmetry and non-symmetry, order and non-order. I created a series of rectangles of different sizes, which progressively get smaller towards the center of the image, by halving them. The large outer rectangles were sectioned with diagonals. One can easily see that the triangles formed in this way and the rectangles in the image are not exactly the same size in each side of the image. Moreover, in the center of the image, there are elements which, either by their absence, either by over-sizing, cancel the symmetry of composition. The texture of the red elements has an entropic character. Towards the center of the image, the elements become clearer, by having better defined contours.

I did not use automated tools to make the image.

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