Disabled sex: same as you

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This t-shirt is meant to raise awareness on the sexuality of disabled people. The message is clear: disabled people have the same sexual appetite and desires as any of you. Disabled people are not asexual.

Everyone has the right to consensual non-harmful sexual activity in private, as part of sexual autonomy and respect for private lives. Anyone who has the capacity to make choices about their own sexual expression should be allowed and supported to do so. Care providers have a duty to uphold and enable the rights of people with disabilities. (Claire de Than, Senior Lecturer in Criminal and Human Rights Law, quote from TLC-Trust)

In September 2008, The Observer (UK) organized a poll about sexuality. The poll shows that 70% of surveyed people would not want to have sex with a physically disabled person, and 4% said that they actually had. In Eastern societies, discrimination of disabled persons is much stronger and sexuality a taboo subject.

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