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The subject of the image is set in the future. The future is suggested by multiple elements in the composition: skyscrapers and the robot. The room has an oval shape. The perspective I chose highlights its symmetry. At compositional level, one can see a similarity with glasses. The main lines of the oval room and how the windows are arranged in the composition, might remind to some viewers of glass lenses. This creates ambiguity about how the image can be interpreted. Is this an illustration of a simple building set in the future or is it something as seen from behind the eyes of a robot ?

In this image I present two different possible technologies that can could be available in the future. On the left, two men are represented figuratively with simple "puppets". They are testing a new communication system using a device that projects holograms. One of them is actually present in the room and the other one is just a projection. On the right side, a robot just finished cleaning the room and is about leave. In this possible future, robotics has reached a very advanced level and now robots autonomously deal with the chores instead of us. Visually, the elements on the left and on the right maintain compositional balance. In the center of the room, in the foreground, we see an "abstract" / modern decorative plant. On the slightly more distant plane, on the furniture against the wall, some items are placed symmetrically for decorative purposes. These represent a possible future where the decorative arts will evolve into something different than how they are today.

The visual style for this image is not randomly chosen. The image looks like a pencil drawing, a very old drawing - an old paper. I chose deliberately this way to illustrate the future, because I wanted to suggest that it is a work made a long time ago, before present times. It could be the work of "visionary" from the past, In this case, it is "a future" we have not reached yet.

If we imagine three timelines, then we have another possible interpretation for this image: the present (current times), the near future (as shown in picture) and the very distant future. Basically, the illustration style of the image may suggest a situation in which an individual, already living in a very distant future, looks at an old picture showing the "near future".

This image was made in Cinema 4D and considerably post-processed in Photoshop. The scene has 1103769 polygons.

Download the 3D objects (ZIP file, 5.5 mb)

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