Temple of love

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To make this work, I was inspired by The Gate of Kiss (Poarta Sărutului), a sculpture finished in 1938 by Constantin Brâncuși. The sculpture is a part of the sculptural ensemble made by Constantin Brâncuși in Târgu-Jiu, Romania.

In the image, the temple is placed on a large plateau. The overall composition is symmetrical and dominated by warm colors. In the center of the composition, we see a very big door, the entrance of the temple. The door is made of vertically aligned lips painted in an intense red color. The orientation of the lips, is intended to remind viewers of the female sexual organs, despite their resemblance to mouth lips. In this way I put an emphasis on sex, on the sexual drive that animates two people in the first stages of their romantic relationship, and for some couples, through-out their entire lifetime together. An old man is climbing the big stairs of the plateau. With this, I point out that even at late age people still have an interest in love or making love, and are willing to make efforts for it, to climb. People through-out their life return to "the temple of love", that is, to a real love or just to have sexual gratification. Not all people are able to reach the temple, because as I illustrated, it takes efforts to reach to it.

The disproportion between the man and the door, makes the temple seem important, valuable. People are in a constant search for love, all their life. People need to feel loved, constantly, in multiple ways: as children, as adults, by parents, friends or by lovers. In this case, I highlight how important romantic love is. I also point out how much some men idealize women.

In adulthood, on a personal level, it is major step for each individual to begin his or her sexual life. People need to cross this door as well, to properly develop into adulthood and to understand what this means and what implications it has to engage intimately with another human being.

At birth, people cross a metaphoric door. From the short life in a womb to the apparently long life after birth. Babies actually cross a double door during a natural birth. The large and small lips (labia majora and labia minora) make-up the entrance/exit of the vagina and play a protective role for the uterus. Generally, people make babies out of love, they are the result of the love of two people. If we consider for a moment the biological double door, as a door of a temple, then we can say that we all came out of "the temple of love". The origin of life is love. The lips have an essential role for human kind. Through the lips of the mouth we feed, we sustain ourselves alive, we speak, we nurture goodness, we instill in others the feeling of love and worthiness, we communicate and share our love. Through the lips of the vagina, human life is perpetuated.

Death is also a part of life. We cross the second time the metaphorical door, the door between the different states of existence, We go from this plain of existence that we call life, to another one or to nothing. Because this phenomena transcends our perceptual and cognitive abilities, we are unable to precisely say what exactly happens with our soul, if there is one. The old man is heading towards this door, to leave this world by entering in the mouth of death. He might return back to the initial physical state, the one before the time of conception.

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