Accessible lover

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An image done to raise awareness on a fact little known by the general public. People with disabilities are sexual beings as any other person. Disabled people are not asexual.

This image is meant as an invitation for people to be more accessible, romantically and intimately, and more open to disabled people. It should not be considered as outlandish to have a short time or a long time relationship with a disabled person. Well-educated disabled people are often open-minded about these matters and you can easily break the barrier. Fear of the unknown should not prevent you to approach a disabled person.

In September 2008, The Observer (UK) organized a poll about sexuality. The poll shows that 70% of surveyed people would not want to have sex with a physically disabled person, only 4% said that they actually experienced this. In Eastern societies, discrimination of disabled persons is much stronger and sexuality is often considered a taboo subject.

Love, sexuality, eroticism, sensuality and physicality are all vital forms of expression and impressions in human life, which embody enjoyment, exchange and vitality. To suppress, forget or to ignore these feelings, is to sever a very important part of oneself. (

This work is based on: Reveiling 12 by EasyShutter

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