The Big Bang faetus

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In a somewhat minimalist approach, I managed to associate in a single image three different elements that seem to have no meaningful connection: the Big Bang explosion, a human fetus in the eighth week of development in the womb (with approximation) and a cell phone. The fetus holds in his barely developed hands ​​a small cell phone. I point out how technology has invaded the human existence, and thereof its presence in every individual's life, even before birth, every day and hour of our existence. The fetus is at the heart of the Big Bang, so it serves as a womb.

I chose to illustrate the main elements of the picture, the Big Bang explosion and a fetus in an early stage of development in order to have them both somewhat temporally correlated. Both are at their beginnings.

I tried to make a very succinct summary of the major phases of the universe and mankind in a relatively abstract image. The first phase I depict is the explosion of the Big Bang, then we have the peak symbol of creation: the mankind. And the third stage is subtly suggested with a cell phone held by the fetus. It is the symbol of technology and communication between people in the 21st century. What if this might be the last stage of mankind? The end of mankind is possible if people misuse technology. With this item, the cell phone, I believe I managed to illustrate the entire life cycle of creation, of mankind's existence. It can safely be stated that the subject of this image is the man. This is underlined by the composition of the work. In the very center of the Big Bang explosion, I painted the human fetus holding a time-bomb, metaphorically speaking :).

When I painted the image, for the explosion and what is around it, I used various spectral colors, but they are very dull. Inside the explosion I used warm colors and tones of yellow, but these are not very saturated as well. I chose warm colors to recall the warm serenity in a womb and the warmth and innocence of a baby. Overall, the entire image has a pale appearance. The image is dominated by a very strong contrast between the subject and the background.

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