Fight for accessibility by persuasion

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I made this image to suggest that disabled people worldwide need to step up their tone, to change their silent attitude to a more stronger one. Disabled people should unite and gather to fight for accessibility and for their own rights. We need to begin a Global War on Discrimination! No more debates! Hundreds of years were dedicated to diplomacy, debates about disabled people. Too little has been done. Now, it is the time to rise up, emancipate and liberate! He who will not yield to REASON will yield to PERSUASION!

The disabled people is the largest minority on this planet, according to United Nations! There are many organizations, institutions around the globe representing different factions of the disabled community. There is insufficient unity across the factions of disabled people. We are under-represented in governments and administrations. We are disabled outside by the very people that surround us! Lets make ourselves heard!

Disabled activists need to rise up across the world! Lets renew the disability rights movement! ACT. REACT. IMPACT! NOW!

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