Remember, remember... ideas are bulletproof

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This image is inspired by a movie named "V for Vendetta" from 2005. I use quotes from the movie. I adapted them to fit to the disabled minority. The main character in the movie wears a Guy Fawkes mask. The disabled activist depicted in this image wears the same mask and burns a flag with the following words: discrimination, oppression, prejudices and intolerance.

It is time for disabled people to emancipate and liberate. Lets make ourselves heard and put an end to oppression and discrimination! Do not let yourself silenced! Have no fear! We need true disabled activists for a renewed disability rights movement! ACT. REACT. IMPACT! NOW!

Ideas are bulletproof! Strength through unity, unity through reason! The material world, our bodies are perishable, ideas are everlasting. The restless fight for a world truly without barriers, is the idea which should connect all disabled people, from any kind of community, across the globe, through time and space. No one will represent us better than ourselves! Engage locally, think globally.

The disabled people is the largest minority. One billion of people have a form of disability, according to the United Nations. Unfortunately, this minority has a very weak voice worldwide. Disabled people must stand up and rise up! We must demand our own rights, to fight for accessibility. There is insufficient unity across the factions of disabled people and this is why too little is being done. We are under-represented at all levels in the society. We are disabled by the people who surround us!

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