Fight for your rights: make yourself heard

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This is another image I made which I intend to be a call to action for disabled people. I strongly suggest that disabled people should unite and gather to fight for their own rights.

Disabled people are the largest minority on the planet, according to the United Nations. Unfortunately, this community has a very weak voice worldwide and is under-represented in the society. There are many organizations, associations and institutions around the globe that represent different types of disabled people. Unfortunately, there is insufficient unity across these factions and this is why too little is being done. Whatever is done, happens slow. Worldwide, accessibility levels are very low. Even in in the major capitals of the world, in the West, the accessibility levels are not satisfactory. In 3rd world countries the situation is dramatic. We are under-represented in every aspect of the society, such as entertainment, governments and administrations. We are disabled outside by the people around us! It is time for disabled people to emancipate and liberate, to make ourselves heard! We need to push our own agenda much stronger! No one else will move it stronger than ourselves. Lets not wait for things to move on! We do not want to listen anymore long and boring debates!

Have no fear! Unite and gather for a renewed disability rights movement! ACT. REACT. IMPACT! NOW!

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