Elia - Der perfekte Spiegel

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The work on this book cover began in November 2010 and it ended in late August 2012. Unfortunately, it took a lot of time to finish it, because I was very busy with the studies at the university. This image is just the front cover. Due to lack of time, I did not get to do the back cover for the book.

"Elia - Der perfekte Spiegel" (Elia, the perfect game) is a book written by Michael Auerbach. The main character in the novel is Elia, a 13 years old boy. In an accident he lost his father and his right leg. Being in a deep depression he discovers his ability to travel into strange worlds through an old mirror from his room. At first he believed these are just adventures in his dreams. He soon finds out these worlds are real. In the mirror world, he meets Iliana, a girl of his age, who tells him about her home world which had been conquered by a demon. Elia learns that Iliana was also taken as hostage by the demon. He decides to free her and her world. In an adventurous travel through space and time with his friends, he also learns about his own destiny in life.

In the book we also learn that Elia is a "Time finder". Time finders use mirrors to travel in time and space. Elia can find events in time and travel to them, with the help of a Pathfinder. Together with Elia, the readers have the pleasure to travel to multiple worlds.

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