Faronir - Raue zuflucht

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"Faronir - Raue Zuflucht" (Faronir, rough refuge) is a novel written by Michael Auerbach. The novel is a mixture of SciFi and Fantasy. The cover is done based on the contents of the novel. Within both images, elements from the plot are depicted. The mood set in the book cover is meant to give the viewer a glimpse of what's to be expected in the novel.

In ”Faronir - Raue Zuflucht” the main characters are three heroes: Basor, Karnis and Patros. The people of Faronir lived for centuries in silence and ignorance, but now these three men have decided to start a long and perilous journey to find the truth about their own history and to save their home land, Faronir, from the giant dragons. In order to do this, they must find the portal of the Gods that can take them to the Old World.

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