Making of: Carita Europeana

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First stages

The dissertation project had two preparatory stages: a 3D scene and a sketch. I began actual work by making a simple 3D scene. It was the first time when I visualized in 3D what I was going to paint. I wanted to make sure I have a well defined plan. For me it is a lot easier to visualize in 3D graphics what I want to make. I was able to decide with ease on multiple aspects: the composition of the image, what objects to have, the perspective and light setup. After this, I made a sketch where I defined much better the characters and their clothes. It's also the first time when I made a sketch prior to a painted image.

Here are time-lapse images of the two preparatory stages of the project.

3D maquette

The work for the 3D scene did not take much time, from 5th to 12th of December 2012. I used Cinema 4D to make the 3D scene. Because this is just a preparatory stage and time was of the essence, I used various premade models to quickly get it done.

3D maquette - wip 1 3D maquette - wip 2 3D maquette - wip 3 - composition studies 3D maquette - wip 4 3D maquette - wip 5a 3D maquette - wip 6 3D maquette - wip 7


It took me about one month to make this sketch: from 13 December 2012 to 16 January 2013. I used Corel Painter make this sketch.

sketch wip 1 sketch wip 2 sketch wip 4 sketch wip 6 sketch wip 8 sketch wip 10 sketch wip 11 sketch wip 14 sketch wip 16 sketch wip 18 sketch wip 20 sketch wip 22

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