Making of: Carita Europeana

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Time-lapse images

Initially, I decided together with my professor, the project adviser, to do an image for the dissertation project. There were no talks about making a triptych. After I finished the sketch, I began working on the painted image, but at some point I grew unhappy about it. I decided to make something much more personal and emotional. I sent both images to the professor and she liked them both and asked to do a third one that is abstract. In the end, I returned to part one of the image and finished it.

I used Corel Painter and a Wacom graphics tablet to paint these images. I also used Adobe Photoshop to extensively post-process part one: colour grading, add textures on the walls and floor, decals, etc.

Here are time-lapse images of each part of the "Carita Europeana" project. All images are made at 10 000 x 5 650 pixels.

Part 1

I started working on 17th of January 2013 and on 4th of March 2013, I suspended work on it, at WIP 7. At the end of April, I resumed and I finished it in the first half of May.

part 1 - wip 1 part 1 - wip 3 part 1 - wip 5 part 1 - wip 7 part 1 - wip 9 Carita Europeana - part 1 - final version

Part 2

I worked on this image with some sort of rejuvenated enthusiasm on from 5th of March 2013 to 23 March 2013. I finished in less than 20 days. All my friends said it is bad and always liked Part 1, despite this I worked on it and I did not abandon it. Luckily my project adviser liked it. Pay attention to the various symbols it has.

part 2 - wip 1 part 2 - wip 3 part 2 - wip 5 part 2 - wip 6b part 2 - wip 7 part 2 - wip 8 part 2 - wip 10 part 2 - wip 11 part 2 - wip 13 Carita Europeana - part 2 - final version

Part 3

I started work on 26th of March 2013 and I finished it on 20 April 2013.

My dissertation project adviser asked me to do an abstract version, yet, at the beginning I kept on showing her highly figurative images, as you can see below. Thanks to her help, in the end I managed to do an abstract version by understanding what that means. Pay close attention to the red shape and its texture.

part 3 - wip 1 part 3 - wip 3 part 3 - wip 4a part 3 - wip 4b part 3 - wip 4b part 3 - wip 6 part 3 - wip 7 part 3 - wip 8 Carita Europeana - part 3 - final version

Thank you for your time.