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I haven't updated the site, because I am generally very busy. Yet, today I had the time to do so.

What's new:

  • IFMA 3D elevators 2nd package. My collaboration has continued, therefore this is the new package of 3D elevators for their catalogs.
  • two new web sites:
    • PRO-net.ro. For an Internet Service Provider in Arad, Romania.
    • Poetry Festival. A web site for a high-school music and poetry festival organized annually in Arad, Romania.
  • a book cover for the Poetry Festival.
  • a new page in this web site: Web programming (no longer available) in Exhibition. This page was created in an effort to provide users visiting this site with the latest toys Mihai is working on, the web programmer of this web site.

PRO-Net - site interface Poetry festival - site interface

IFMA elevator: Obsidian IFMA elevator: Lux Green Crystal

Poetry Festival - 2005 book cover

This is almost everything new I have worked on. I am always working on new stuff.

IFMA project - 3D elevators

I release now the IFMA project which is the biggest project I worked on until now.

"Societatea Română de Ascensoare IFMA S.A." (a Romanian company which creates elevators) needed a presentation catalog of their elevators. In June to September 2003, I worked for 6 high quality, photo-realistic renders of elevators, ready for typography, in CMYK color format. I also created 36 more variations at a lower quality for a CD presentation application which allows the IFMA clients to customize their own elevator by picking the materials and the models they want for ceilings, floors, walls, control panels and other components. For the catalog I also rendered few very detailed close-ups of the displays, ceilings, floors, control panels and others.

IFMA elevator - Synthetic

IFMA elevator - Quasar IFMA elevator - Furnir

In the IFMA elevators project page you can find more details about this project and also see all the images I made.

See the IFMA elevators project page

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