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I've decided to publish the interpretation of my last artistic work I released here on the site. With this post I want to inform my readers that in the "Making of" pages for "The Wind of Change" project, you can now also find the complete interpretation. You can read what each element is meant to symbolize. As a side note, all the impressions expressed in the text are purely subjective and personal. They represent my ideas at the time the document was written, thus even my thoughts about the image are subject to change over time.

The Wind of Change - image

I also published an application interface I made for VegaWeb Solutions and a CD/DVD cover for the same project. I hope you like it.

V-Casa Interface V-Casa CD/DVD covers

And, finally, I have decided to publish a poster I've done several years ago. I very much like the colors :).

The Clock Timing - poster

The wind of change image is done

After two years of working on my new 3D image, I am proud to announce that today I finally release it. The final image is ready at a resolution of 5596 x 4028 pixels.

The wind of change

In 27th of August 2005, I started working on this project. It's an image constructed as a diptych. It consists of two parts/sides which are in complete opposition.

This image is dedicated to Alizée Jacotey.

Thanks to Michael Auerbach, Radu Filip Cristian and to Tor-Erlend Elster for continued support and suggestions. I apologize if I forgot to list someone who provided me suggestions.

Technical details

  • Project size: 9,6 Gb
  • Files: 1 560
  • Published WIP images: 300 mb
  • Polygons: 2 917 023 [part 1] and 729 636 [part 2]

See the Making of for The wind of change project

I also released a comprehensive "Making of" page in which anyone can see how I've worked on the project. For those interested, I published more technical details.

WIP: The wind of change

Holla amigos!

It is a long time since I posted here :).

In this very moment I decided to spam this blog with my very first public WIP image from the upcoming 3D image.

Here it is, enjoy:

The wind of change

Some details:

  • Part 1: 3,3 millions of polygons
  • Part 2: 0,7 millions of polygons
  • Resolution: 2700 x 3500 for each part.
  • Render time: unknown by design. Part 1 is split in multiple scenes.

As a reminder: the project was started in August 2005 and nearing completion this year.

More details in the WIP page

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