Peace be upon you, Earthling!

With the advent of phones equipped with ever-more advanced cameras, photography turned into a hobby for many people. And I am no exception. When I go out, by the river side, where I live, I sometimes capture what catches my tired eyes. It can be clouds, shapes, the overall lighting or something else. I began posting the photographs I make on my Instagram profile since 2019. Some photographs are from trips I took abroad or in Romania.

Last week, I decided to publish the photographs I made on my site as well. To this end, I re-edited the original photographs. Therefore, some are not exactly the same as the ones on my Instagram profile.

I hope you will like the photographs. Click on the image below to get to them.

Photographs gallery

May the light shine upon you!

Good news everyone!

Hello, earthlings !

I feel I need to start again with... I am still alive, if anyone is wondering :-).

The good news is... my web site was transitioned to Astro framework from Django, after 9 years of using it. What this means is that the back-end of the site has changed entirely. It is now much faster and the caching problems of the old site no longer will occur. Updating the web site has also become considerably easier for me. Therefore, expect I will post at least once or twice per year :-). The hosting service has been changed again also, to Cloudflare and Github.

Many, many, countless thanks to Dennis Schubert who made all this possible! <3.

Since I last posted on my blog, I made only one new image, with my own application:

The cosmic eyestrain

Watch the time lapse video

I did not create more images, because I am very much into coding. I am constantly developing Quick Picto Viewer. It has turned into am image editor as well. I also worked on KeyPress OSD. Very recently, I updated it, with many bug fixes.

All the best everyone! I hope to come back here before 2023 ends ;-).

November 2020

Hello, people !

I am still alive, if anyone is wondering, and kicking too. :-).

All our web sites have now a new hosting provider, DigitalOcean. Thank you very much Dennis Schubert for the awesome help you provided me with this.

Since September 2017 I have been busy learning to code in AHK, an easy to learn scripting/coding language. I added a new page on this web site to list all the applications I have developed until now, see Applications page.

Since I last posted on my blog, I made only three new images:

The naivity scene

Hatching beauty

Mindless reel

See ya next time. I hope to come back here before 2025 ;-).

(Almost) summer 2018 updates


Since my last post here I made two new images, both on the subject of love and romance. One is a sketch and the other is a painting.

The Scream of Love

Love Prison

KeyPress OSD

KeyPress OSD video presentation (on Youtube)

Since Septmber 2017, I began working on something new. I started to code and develop an application. It is something I never did before.

I was trying to find an application to help me use it easier, but I was not able to find the right app that suited my needs. I also discovered Autohotkey, a scripting language. Its ease of learning allowed me to develop the application I wanted, suited for my needs and beyond. I loved developing it, because I learned a lot of things. I am still actively working on it and making improvements and fixes.

Learn more about KeyPress OSD

To keep the development going, please donate using PayPal. Follow the development on GitHub or see the version history.

Through the development of this project, Drugwash (from the AHK forums) substantially contributed with code and feedback. Many thanks to you!

Other than this. All is good. Got no precise plans for what I want to do next.

Adios, amigos!

New 3D images

Shalom, amigos!

Yesterday I finished a new 3D image with which I am trying to criticise the hypocrisy of some people regularly attending church. I made this image after a friend of mine insisted on me to try a new render engine (thank you!).

Inversions and contradictions

The following images were made in late autumn 2016. The first is mostly a 3D render and the other is painted.


My Elpis

Danke schön!

2016 updates

Greetin' all the brethren with a holy kiss!

For the past year, I've started again to write poems in Romanian. I decided to have them all published sometime in the future as an e-book. Throughout the past summer I worked on this project.

Today I am publishing most of the new illustrations I made. I hope you like them.

Invitation to my heart Disabilophobia Worshipping The Goddess A moment of change Moon love Tenderness United through love against prejudices Collecting moments of love Fertility incantations Drink my love Complexity and love The fall of relationships Extreme feminism Faces of pain An ocean of suffering A possible ending

The following image is a painting I did during my master degree studies:

The last gathering

The e-book needs just a cover to be ready for the online release. I am also working on two new drawings. I hope to have all these finished sometime next year.

Peace be upon you, brother!

My new homepage:


Welcome to my new site. After 7 years, I have a new site that is, hopefully, easier to navigate. My main intention with this release is to facilitate the navigation of the content, by making it more discoverable. The interface features repeatable actions that require no extra mouse movements. Visitors can now skim through the images in the gallery much easier. The same applies for the images in the pages of the Making of projects. The work on this site began in June 2010. Because I was often busy and Mihai was also busy, we managed to finish it now. The site still needs some improvements. We plan to improve the site slowly, overtime.

To reduce the amount of work for Mihai, I learned CSS and HTML to make this site. I used SASS for the CSS. I also dabble in the Django template files. :)

The release of my new site marks the separation between my site and Mihai's site. This is one of the reasons why we decided to make an asynchronous release of our web sites. The focus was to finish my site first, because of the work required for gallery and blog pages. Mihai's website release will follow soon and will feature a different interface. We are also too busy to make a synchronized release.

My site has a new address: . We are also changing our hosting provider, from Dreamhost to Webfaction.

Thanks to Dennis Schubert and Michael Auerbach for continued support in making this site and the content of it.

Content work

Most work went in preparing the content of the site release. I want the site content to be comprehensive and to show all the work I did.

  • All images were retouched. In the autumn of 2012, I decided to correct all the images for the new site. It was mostly about color corrections and fixing small glitches, but in some cases it meant heavy reediting. The posters had serious posterization and color banding issues. All work took me about a month or two.
  • Blog posts older than 2007 added. Using the Wayback Machine, I was able to recover some of the blog posts from the previous ROBO Design websites. I added about 20 blog posts from the past and together with them, some old images I did.
  • More image descriptions. I written a presentation for each painting I made during my Master's degree studies. I wrote them to explain my professors what I intended to say in the works I did at their courses. I translated in English from Romanian about 20 presentations.
  • Overhaul for the Making of pages. I spell-checked all the pages, for each Making of project. The Making of for "The wind of change" project was completely reorganized. I also added a time-lapse page for the Making of "The Piano Room" project and for "Digital Morning" as well. Now, all images are free of annoying watermarks. Previously, the images had really annoying watermarks. The renders of the objects on the introduction page of the Making of for the Digital Morning project, were re-rendered recently at a high resolution.
  • IFMA elevators project has all the renders at original size and without watermarks. Previously, the renders were downscaled and had bad-ass ugly watermarks.
  • Updated pages: CV, about, site history
  • new page: Archive. The old Winamp skins and Flash games we made, are available in this page.
  • I removed the content I no longer liked from the gallery pages. Yet, I preserved most of it in the old blog posts where it was mentioned. In this way, the blog posts are like an archive of my old stuff.
  • The Master's degree written dissertation and the Bachelor of Science written thesis are now available on the site as PDF files, in my CV. Both are written in Romanian.

New content

I added a new Making of: Carita Europeana.. This is the first "Making of" for something I painted.

I also made many new images in the Propaganda section, a book cover and a site interface.

Fight for accessibility by persuasion Disabled activists: put an end to discrimination The leap of faith jump The Global War on Discrimination: call to action A disabled person without education Talk to disabled people Remember, remember... ideas are bulletproof Fight for your rights: make yourself heard Fight for accessibility: do not be silent Disabled people shooting stairs Disabled outside, enabled inside! Accessible lover Proud to be disabled - t-shirt Free your mind - t-shirt Sexy machine - t-shirt

MS Access databases for Economics - book cover

Art IN/FROM/FOR Offenbach - site interface

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the new web site and my works.

Summer 2013 updates

Hello, dreamers!

The exhibition I had in Offenbach, Germany was a real succes and for me it was a wonderful and exciting event. I met really nice people there. Thanks again to Daniel Schaaf and to all his friends for making it possible.

I finished the art studies at UVT

Another great news is that I finished completely my studies for the Master degree program I was enrolled at the „West University of Timişoara (UVT).

My Master's degree graduation project is "Carita Europeana", a triptych. The following 3 images make-up the project. Click on them to read more details about this project that took me almost half an year to finish:

Carita Europeana - part 1

Carita Europeana - part 2

Carita Europeana - part 3

The following works are paintings I did for the Master's degree courses since I last updated this blog:

Temple of love

The herd instinct

This is my song

The impossible capture

The following image is a virtual art installation I did in Cinema 4D, for one of the courses at UVT:

The tool of Genesis

The image below is intended to represent subjectively and in an abstract way, how I see the society and some of its minorities. I made it look very flat. The tools I used are Photoshop and Cinema 4D:

The society

View all paintings I did for the Master's studies.

Other projects

"Dreams in contention" is a painting I did in my spare time based on a multitude of painting exercises I made during the year of 2012.

Dreams in contention

The following book cover was finished in late August 2012 for my beloved friend Michael Auerbach. Unfortunately, it took a lot of time to finish it, because I was very busy with the studies at the university. The project began in November 2010. This image is just the front cover. Due to lack of time, I did not get to do the back cover for his book.

Elia - Der perfekte Spiegel

I also designed a site interface. This one is for the "Agora University of Oradea", from Romania. The site was done in collaboration with my twin brother.

Universitatea Agora din Oradea

I hope you like the works I did since last year, when I updated the site. I wish you all the best!

Summer 2012 updates

Marhaban, beoble!

Since my last update much time has past. These days I finally I had the time to publish new content on the site.

Recently I finished the first year of studies for the master degree in painting. I have new paintings to show here. I hope you like them:

Religious fanaticism

A question of faith

The tale of The Fall

Memories in review

The Big Bang faetus


Human resources shopping center

Aquatic chimeras

On the edge of Entropolis

I am also collaborating with the Open Perception non-profit foundation. For them, I created the Point Cloud Library (PCL) web site, several hero images for the site and a few t-shirt designs. I hope you like these works also:

PCL t-shirt: ICRA 2012

PCL t-shirt: CVPR 2012

PCL t-shirt: CRV 2012

PCL t-shirt: ICCV 2011

PCL: Developers needed

What is PCL?

PCL is open source

PCL features

And to not forget, I am proud to mention that I modeled in 3D the robots you see in the hero images above: the humanoid robot and Marvin, the paranoid android as seen in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 2005 movie.

I also made three site interfaces:

Ionel Barbu - web site

Planner Arena

Clubul Sportiv al Colegiului Național „Mihai Eminescu” din Oradea

And, if you are still reading... surbrise: I am on Facebook! Like me, follow me there, inshallah! :).

Autumn 2011 updates

Hello, precious ! :)

I did not update for a long time already my web site. I did many works recently and I finally found the time to post them here as well.

I made three site interfaces: ICCC 2010, Point Clouds Library (PCL) and IRSCA - Gifted Education.

Point Clouds Library - web site

ICCCC 2010

IRSCA interface

The PCL web site is done by me using as back-end a free CMS named MODx. The initial version was finished in April 2011. The interface was updated several times, the final version, the one you can see, is from October 2011.

I also made a book cover for Ioana Dzițac and a logo for Uhuru Software.

Steps in Mathematics (6th grade)

Uhuru software

I made three illustrations on topics related to the future and robotics.

IROS conference 2011

Near future

Research in robotics

In my spare time I continued painting. I completed the following three works: Baalus Circus, Mad Rabbit and LSD Inception.

Baalus circus

Mad rabbit

LSD inception

Since August 2010, I started collaborating with Daniel Schaaf, a German that makes various travel sites specialized for different audiences. I do site templates, which include the HTML and CSS implementation. I finally had the time, this week, to prepare and to publish on this web site all the interfaces I did for him. I already made a dozen, so in this post I will show just a few thumbnails, the rest of them are available in a dedicated page.

View all works made for Daniel Schaaf

Fair auf Reisen

Hotels by Map


I hope you like my new works. :)

P.S. I updated my CV as well.

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