My new homepage:


Welcome to my new site. After 7 years, I have a new site that is, hopefully, easier to navigate. My main intention with this release is to facilitate the navigation of the content, by making it more discoverable. The interface features repeatable actions that require no extra mouse movements. Visitors can now skim through the images in the gallery much easier. The same applies for the images in the pages of the Making of projects. The work on this site began in June 2010. Because I was often busy and Mihai was also busy, we managed to finish it now. The site still needs some improvements. We plan to improve the site slowly, overtime.

To reduce the amount of work for Mihai, I learned CSS and HTML to make this site. I used SASS for the CSS. I also dabble in the Django template files. :)

The release of my new site marks the separation between my site and Mihai's site. This is one of the reasons why we decided to make an asynchronous release of our web sites. The focus was to finish my site first, because of the work required for gallery and blog pages. Mihai's website release will follow soon and will feature a different interface. We are also too busy to make a synchronized release.

My site has a new address: . We are also changing our hosting provider, from Dreamhost to Webfaction.

Thanks to Dennis Schubert and Michael Auerbach for continued support in making this site and the content of it.

Content work

Most work went in preparing the content of the site release. I want the site content to be comprehensive and to show all the work I did.

  • All images were retouched. In the autumn of 2012, I decided to correct all the images for the new site. It was mostly about color corrections and fixing small glitches, but in some cases it meant heavy reediting. The posters had serious posterization and color banding issues. All work took me about a month or two.
  • Blog posts older than 2007 added. Using the Wayback Machine, I was able to recover some of the blog posts from the previous ROBO Design websites. I added about 20 blog posts from the past and together with them, some old images I did.
  • More image descriptions. I written a presentation for each painting I made during my Master's degree studies. I wrote them to explain my professors what I intended to say in the works I did at their courses. I translated in English from Romanian about 20 presentations.
  • Overhaul for the Making of pages. I spell-checked all the pages, for each Making of project. The Making of for "The wind of change" project was completely reorganized. I also added a time-lapse page for the Making of "The Piano Room" project and for "Digital Morning" as well. Now, all images are free of annoying watermarks. Previously, the images had really annoying watermarks. The renders of the objects on the introduction page of the Making of for the Digital Morning project, were re-rendered recently at a high resolution.
  • IFMA elevators project has all the renders at original size and without watermarks. Previously, the renders were downscaled and had bad-ass ugly watermarks.
  • Updated pages: CV, about, site history
  • new page: Archive. The old Winamp skins and Flash games we made, are available in this page.
  • I removed the content I no longer liked from the gallery pages. Yet, I preserved most of it in the old blog posts where it was mentioned. In this way, the blog posts are like an archive of my old stuff.
  • The Master's degree written dissertation and the Bachelor of Science written thesis are now available on the site as PDF files, in my CV. Both are written in Romanian.

New content

I added a new Making of: Carita Europeana.. This is the first "Making of" for something I painted.

I also made many new images in the Propaganda section, a book cover and a site interface.

Fight for accessibility by persuasion Disabled activists: put an end to discrimination The leap of faith jump The Global War on Discrimination: call to action A disabled person without education Talk to disabled people Remember, remember... ideas are bulletproof Fight for your rights: make yourself heard Fight for accessibility: do not be silent Disabled people shooting stairs Disabled outside, enabled inside! Accessible lover Proud to be disabled - t-shirt Free your mind - t-shirt Sexy machine - t-shirt

MS Access databases for Economics - book cover

Art IN/FROM/FOR Offenbach - site interface

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the new web site and my works.