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Since my last post here I made two new images, both on the subject of love and romance. One is a sketch and the other is a painting.

The Scream of Love

Love Prison

KeyPress OSD

KeyPress OSD video presentation (on Youtube)

Since Septmber 2017, I began working on something new. I started to code and develop an application. It is something I never did before.

I was trying to find an application to help me use it easier, but I was not able to find the right app that suited my needs. I also discovered Autohotkey, a scripting language. Its ease of learning allowed me to develop the application I wanted, suited for my needs and beyond. I loved developing it, because I learned a lot of things. I am still actively working on it and making improvements and fixes.

Learn more about KeyPress OSD

To keep the development going, please donate using PayPal. Follow the development on GitHub or see the version history.

Through the development of this project, Drugwash (from the AHK forums) substantially contributed with code and feedback. Many thanks to you!

Other than this. All is good. Got no precise plans for what I want to do next.

Adios, amigos!

The wind of change image is done

After two years of working on my new 3D image, I am proud to announce that today I finally release it. The final image is ready at a resolution of 5596 x 4028 pixels.

The wind of change

In 27th of August 2005, I started working on this project. It's an image constructed as a diptych. It consists of two parts/sides which are in complete opposition.

This image is dedicated to Alizée Jacotey.

Thanks to Michael Auerbach, Radu Filip Cristian and to Tor-Erlend Elster for continued support and suggestions. I apologize if I forgot to list someone who provided me suggestions.

Technical details

  • Project size: 9,6 Gb
  • Files: 1 560
  • Published WIP images: 300 mb
  • Polygons: 2 917 023 [part 1] and 729 636 [part 2]

See the Making of for The wind of change project

I also released a comprehensive "Making of" page in which anyone can see how I've worked on the project. For those interested, I published more technical details.

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