New 3D image: Ambiental living room

This project was an exercise to do a 3D interior as fast as possible. My last projects took about 1 to 2 years to finish, so I really wanted to prove myself I can do one fast. This one took me only 3 weeks to finish at a slow pace. So, it's a real improvement. Done with C4D and Vray. It's a reproduction of a photo I found on the Internet.

The quality is not top notch. The major culprit is the plant and there are, of course, other minor details, such as the books on the shelf, the curtains and others. Despite these minor flaws, I really like the overall mood which is a positive one, very intense light; it has a certain sense of freshness. Here's the image:

Ambiental living room

I hope you guys like my new image ;).

A new 3D image and a book cover

Today I released on the site a new 3D image, called "Bed room". This is a photo-realistic render of a bed room, in a beautiful morning. The 3D scene does not contain any lights. The illumination is generated using radiosity. For the bed we used sub-polygonal displacement. Rendering took 51 hours in Cinema 4D and AR.

Bed room

Also, I made a book cover for "Multi-Precision Mathematics". Authors: Mads Rasmussen, Greg Rose and Tom St. Denis.

Multi-Precision Mathematics book cover

Four new images


I now had the time to update the website! Here are the latest images (sorted from the newest to the oldest): My computer v2, Sphere world, Dark place and On the mountains.

My computer v2 Sphere world Dark place On the mountains

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