ROBO Design v4 site released

Welcome to the new website: ROBO Design v4.

I return after a long time with a brand new web site. All the content is updated and checked on the site. There is also a lot of new content that has been published together with this new installment.

New images in the Exhibition section: Digital Morning, Herbanaculum, The Net, Alandala, Fairy Tale and Disney Grass.

Digital Morning


The Network


Fairy tale

Disney Grass

New content in the Portfolio section:

Four websites:,,,,

Varbittour web site Platonos site Outshine music Ovidiu Bosancu web site (2004)

Three logos for: LibTom Crypt, Ovidiu Bosancu,

LibTom Crypt logo Ovidiu Bosancu logo (2004) Platonos logo

New features in v4:

ROBO Design v4 - first page
  • RSS 2 feeds
  • Flash interface (optional)
  • 35 emoticons for use in comments
  • New voting poll and content rating systems
  • Added popularity counters for items
  • Spatial navigation
  • Keyboard shortcuts for accessibility
  • The site conforms to the current web standards:
    • HTML 4.01 Strict
    • CSS 2.1
    • WCAG Priority 3
    • US Section 508
  • New pages: Help and Settings

ROBO Design v3 released

ROBO Design v3 header

ROBO Design v3 - first page Welcome to the brand new ROBO Design V3 website!

What’s new:

  • two interface templates: ROBO Design v2 and v3
  • site available in two languages: English and Romanian
  • our new address:
  • content cleanup: old creations removed
  • W3C validated website

Two new websites: and


After a long time of beta testing, the SeerMusic website is finally released. Go at to see it. This is a site which uses a mySQL database and it is made in PHP. It has the following engine features:

  • our own Forum engine
  • enhance your messages with emoticons and limited HTML code (phpBB-like code)
  • upload system with rating and comments for those who want to publish their own sounds and songs
  • account system with secured login and user profiles
  • news and site map pages
  • search
  • on-line jukebox (listen all the user uploaded songs online)
  • and more!

Seermusic site interface

We also released a new romanian website: site interface

Both sites are no longer available.

Beta-testing for


We are working on a new website: SeerMusic. We are redesigning the site and we are creating a new dynamic engine with an administration module, forum, upload system, notification system, accounts and much more.

We now released it as a beta version. Everybody can now go to test it and give us some feedback.

Here you can see the new SeerMusic website. (site offline)

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