Summer time: new book covers

Hello, fellas and playas! ;)

It's mid-summer and it's also a very long time since I posted anything here. I am rather busy to post anything. I've been working on several book covers since my last blog post and, of course, on my big project: the piano room (for the latest WIPs check this forum post on the VrayforC4D forums). I've been unable to complete the final renders, due to crashes and very long render times, in early march, this year. A few days ago I resumed work on the project. I hope to get it done this year.

For more details about each book cover, please click on them. Here they are:

Faronir - Raue zuflucht by Michael Auerbach

Semantic 3D object maps for everyday manipulation in human living environments by Radu B. Rusu

Synthesis and Catalytic Applications of Carbene-Functionalized Hybrid Catalysts by Alexandrina D. Rusu

The reliability and the availablity of the distribution systems of electrical energy by Simona Dzițac

For the Faronir novel written by Michael Auerbach, I tried a different approach, which I hope was successful. Until now, I always had to do book covers on scientific subjects, like artificial intelligence, robotics and mathematics. I never had to deal with literature. Being the first book of this kind, a science fiction novel, I wanted this cover to stand out in my gallery. I hope you find it great. A great amount of effort and time was put into getting the book cover right.

Besides book covers, I also did the logo and the new interface for the PaintWeb project of my twin brother. Some of the frequent visitors of our site already saw the new logo, but for those who did not, here it is:

PaintWeb logo

I've also done other small projects, but I won't post them since they are insignificant.

'Til next time, I wish y'all the best and have a nice summer. I hope to be posting more stuff during the year.

Two new book covers on A.I.

Buenos dias!

Last week I've done two new book covers. The first one was for a book on artificial intelligence by Ioan Dziţac. I chose abstract imagery and I used a colour palette which suggests a high-tech world. Special thanks to Lucian Marin for the suggestions on typography.

Artificial Intelligence book cover

The second book is about new paradigms in artificial intelligence authored by several people. For this one, I illustrated fuzzy logic in two ways. For the front I did something rather complex, strictly related to mathematics, but for the back I did something more "humane".

From Natural Language to Soft Computing: New Paradigms in Artificial Intelligence

'Till next time, best wishes to you :). Oh, and... it's almost Christmas. I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I doubt I'll post anything new until next year.

New works

Coucou à tous!

I forgot to post last time my new works and I just mentioned the small tidbits behind the hood of maintaining a site. Yesterday, I realized I have quite many new works unpublished.

Three new logos: Fast Travel agency - late September. Webicina - early July, and the biology 2008 Olympiad logo, in February.

Fast Travel agency logo Webicina Sigla pentru Olimpiada Națională de Biologie - 2008

I also decided to list the interfaces I did for our projects, Paint.Web and the SVG + Voice game tutorial (done in April 2007), in the interfaces category. This is just so you can have a better view of my works.

PaintWeb v0.5 interface Opera SVG Game

Next, in November I've done a few motion planning illustrations for my older brother, and a fake diploma for fun.

Fake diploma Motion planning - kpieces Motion planning - kpieces grid Motion planning - kpieces multigrid discretization Motion planning - path

I hope you guys like my new stuff.

I'm working on two new covers and, still on my 3D image - The Piano Room, but currently I am on hold 'till I finish the two covers.

Auf wiedersehen, playas. :)

More illustrations


I continued working on illustrating more artistic texts I had. I decided to publish this new set, so here they are:

Réthorique Lucid dreaming The throne Selfish Discrimination Loneliness Starry night

I hope you enjoy these new illustrations :).

Zgândurele cover Another idea which came into my mind was to create an e-book [a PDF file] with all my writings and the illustrations along side. So, now, those who understand Romanian, can download this PDF instead of surfing the blog to read my texts. I think this is "more manageable"/usable :). I've even designed a front and back cover. The title for this e-book is "Zgândurele".

View the Zgândurele e-book (PDF)

A new category: illustrations

Hello! It's spring time! Creativity in the wild :).

Several days before the Valentine's Day, somebody asked me to do a 3D heart having a red stripe wrapped around it. Given that Valentine's Day was so close, I decided to make my own version of the image. So, my idea was to create a "culinary" one resembling a multitude of fresh tomatoes and also make it look fake, obnoxiously red.

Corporate love

Bandaged heart

Weeks ago, I had an idea of doing sketch like illustrations for my artistic writings. I've done already six sketches for my texts. I am doing all these in 3D with Cinema 4D and Photoshop for corrections or heavy editing. I created a new category in the "My projects" section of my site for them. And, I also moved the image "Integration of Poverty (Romania in E.U.)" to this new category as it fits, being done in the same style. Having worked with the 3D heart for Valentine's, I had a new idea for a funny (or sad) illustration: Love is a burden, which shows an individual carrying a heart up the hill, all alone :).

The cube The vision Dedicated to you Love is a burden The crack The metasight The cold ashes

I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading and viewing the images. More will come! :)

Site updates

I finally had the time to update the site. I added some new content and updated several pages.

My latest work is "Love bites". The first WIP saw the light in early November 2007, but I wasn't in the mood to finish it until yesterday - 3rd of February 2008. Take it as an image for Saint Valentine's Day, but I didn't intend it to be so.

Love bites

Ovidiu Bosancu logo In early November 2007, I was asked to make a new logo and a new site interface for Ovidiu Bosancu. In two weeks my work was finished. This is with what I came up with:

Ovidiu Bosancu site interface

The organizers of the "Music and Poetry Festival" from Arad, Romania, asked me to design the calendar for 2008 and the cover for the next book of this festival. I am really content how these two works turned out. Again, all this happened in late September and in November 2007.

Music and Poetry Festival - 2007 (book cover)

Music and Poetry Festival - 2008 (calendar)

In January 2008, I was contacted by the web designer behind Foundation Recordings, asking me for the permission to use the image Old Radio. I ended to not only allow him to use it, but to also do two 3D objects for the new site design. A mixing box and a disco ball. Hope you like them.

Foundation Recordings - 3D objects

And, in other news... I am proud to announce that in October 2007, "The wind of change" image appeared in the "Best of Cinema 4D" gallery of the 3D Attack magazine. That's not all: the same image became the front cover in November 2007 issue, which also featured a four pages interview with me :). It was my first interview of any kind.

Download the 3D Attack magazine, November 2007 issue (PDF)

In conclusion... November was the most active month since August 2007. :)

Content updates

I've decided to publish the interpretation of my last artistic work I released here on the site. With this post I want to inform my readers that in the "Making of" pages for "The Wind of Change" project, you can now also find the complete interpretation. You can read what each element is meant to symbolize. As a side note, all the impressions expressed in the text are purely subjective and personal. They represent my ideas at the time the document was written, thus even my thoughts about the image are subject to change over time.

The Wind of Change - image

I also published an application interface I made for VegaWeb Solutions and a CD/DVD cover for the same project. I hope you like it.

V-Casa Interface V-Casa CD/DVD covers

And, finally, I have decided to publish a poster I've done several years ago. I very much like the colors :).

The Clock Timing - poster

The wind of change image is done

After two years of working on my new 3D image, I am proud to announce that today I finally release it. The final image is ready at a resolution of 5596 x 4028 pixels.

The wind of change

In 27th of August 2005, I started working on this project. It's an image constructed as a diptych. It consists of two parts/sides which are in complete opposition.

This image is dedicated to Alizée Jacotey.

Thanks to Michael Auerbach, Radu Filip Cristian and to Tor-Erlend Elster for continued support and suggestions. I apologize if I forgot to list someone who provided me suggestions.

Technical details

  • Project size: 9,6 Gb
  • Files: 1 560
  • Published WIP images: 300 mb
  • Polygons: 2 917 023 [part 1] and 729 636 [part 2]

See the Making of for The wind of change project

I also released a comprehensive "Making of" page in which anyone can see how I've worked on the project. For those interested, I published more technical details.

WIP: The wind of change

Holla amigos!

It is a long time since I posted here :).

In this very moment I decided to spam this blog with my very first public WIP image from the upcoming 3D image.

Here it is, enjoy:

The wind of change

Some details:

  • Part 1: 3,3 millions of polygons
  • Part 2: 0,7 millions of polygons
  • Resolution: 2700 x 3500 for each part.
  • Render time: unknown by design. Part 1 is split in multiple scenes.

As a reminder: the project was started in August 2005 and nearing completion this year.

More details in the WIP page

Cinema 4D colour theme


Incredibly this post is in English ;).

I've decided to publish the colour theme I made for Cinema 4D R10. I didn't like the default one because the colours were too dark for my taste and the overall scheme lacked good contrast between the elements (check boxes, buttons, little switches, etc). For this theme I've changed some buttons to fit with my colours. As you noticed, I am fond of the Windows's colours, so I want my applications to have a consistency in the interface. Most importantly, perhaps, it's that I changed the little tiny dots in the Object Manager. I've made the different states on/off/default very clear and easy to remember.

Hope you like it.

Cinema 4D screenshot

Download the C4D colour theme (RAR archive)

If you like the screen shot, you may download the file. Just extract the files in your \%Cinema 4D installation folder%\resource\schemes\ and run C4D R10 :). Select the colour theme from the Preferences dialog.

P.S. Don't worry about the French user interface.